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About Mythic
About Us

Mythic is an Alliance Guild based on Earthen Ring(US).

Our Mission

Mythic is a social raiding guild with a friendly approach and attitude. We believe that this is a game, and as such, everything we do should be enjoyable and fun. Our goal as a guild is to progress as a cohesive unit into end-game content and become a great guild that can clear raids and bring enjoyment to everyone’s game experience. Our strength lies in unity… we, therefore, find ways to pull together in spite of individual differences. Our hope is that all members of the guild feel like part of a community in-game; that we can turn to each other in times of need, and most of all, that we can have fun together.

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We are an Alliance Raiding Guild on the Earthen Ring Server. We currently raid on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 8:15pm to 11:00pm Server Time (EST). We also schedule activities through the in-game Calendar including, but not limited to, LFRs and Mythics. Finally, we have Sunday night “FUN RUNS” for achievements, etc.

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We are a group of (mostly) mature and fun-loving, drama-free players that want to work together to see to it that we rid Azeroth of all dangers. You will find that we truly care about our members and value everyone’s thoughts and suggestions. We are very accommodating and understand that Real Life happens, and that’s no problem, as long as you let an ELDER know what’s going on.

Fun and Dedicated

We are always looking for: fun-loving, reasonably skilled players who love raids, achievements, and mounts! Players who are willing to adapt, change, and who have good raid awareness. Players who try to make themselves and those around them better in a friendly manner.


We expect our players to have reviewed fights before we encounter them, and arrive ready to provide or accept input and suggestions. We expect our members to show up on time to raid, with flasks, food buffs, potions, and aces up their sleeves! We like players who can take constructive criticism; players without a sense of entitlement, who are willing to standby when needed or switch specs for a specific fight or encounter.

How to Join

If you feel these apply to you, then we are interested in you!

Please send me, Summannuz, a private in-game message or mail.  Please briefly tell us something about you, how you feel you fit in. Include your expectations from the Guild and how you feel you can contribute to it (one short paragraph will do). Who knows? You might be Mythic at heart and you didn’t know it!

Join Mythic


Join Us!

The Elders of Mythic

To lead our Guild, I count on the help and advice of the esteemed and respected members of the “Elders“. It is important for the Guild to have solid leadership and direction, and this Council provides such a structure. Only the Highest level toon of each Elder is kept at this level. Council members will always be hand-picked by me. Please do not ask to be promoted to these ranks. So, without further ado, meet your Guild Elders:

^Guild Leader: Summannuz



^Raid Leader: Pronna






^Asst. Raid Leader: Fiendstalker







If you are planning to participate in raids with us, we need you to thoroughly read the following points. It all boils down to common sense and good manners, but we strongly need for you to meet our expectations in these areas!

  1. Please promptly accept the Calendar invitations. It is difficult for raid leaders to plan if you accept the day of. If you want to participate, but are unsure of your real life schedule, please mark yourself as “tentative”.
  2. Needless to say… if you accepted the Calendar invite, please show up! …and show up on time and ready to accept the invite to the raid group. No-Shows are extremely discouraging to your guildmates and to the person building the raid group. If real life is interfering with your schedule, please be quick to let someone know as soon as possible so we may plan accordingly.  Raiders should be part of our Facebook Group! This allows you to send Facebook messages to Summannuz or one of the Elders in the Raid to alert us if you are running late or have an unexpected emergency. The key word here is COMMUNICATION!
  3. You are expected to do your best to ensure you are adequately prepared, geared, and meet the requirements for the scheduled raid:
    • Please, BEFORE THE RAID, watch raid guide videos and run LFRs at least once so you are as familiar and prepared as you can be. (We recommend: FatbossTV and Hazelnuttygames. Many of your guildies will happily take you through dungeons and LFRs to help you gear and familiarize yourself with the content and mechanics.
    • Following videos only works to a point as the videos are being created by mythically geared teams. To be successful, we need to be even more diligent than the videos suggest. For example; Interrupt and Dispel rotations must be followed, Crowd Control used whenever possible so that players are trained for when it is necessary in Heroics and Mythics (Don't break CCs!!!).
    • If you have a question or are unclear on mechanics, let it be known before the pull.
    • Please gem and enchant your gear.
    • High-end buff foods and high-end flasks can make or break an encounter. We consider these essential items to bring and use during a raid.
  4. We kindly ask you to cooperate and to trust the better judgment of your GM and Raid Leaders. Please avoid displaying a sense of “entitlement” and grumblings which only poisons the morale of your guildmates. We are hard at work trying to pull through the difficult task of keeping everyone engaged and progressing. We will not take things lightly if grumblings end up being subversive or inciting others to be upset.
  5. Please avoid unnecessary whisperings and emotes to the person(s) running raid group(s) during the raid. Too many whispers slow down the progress, and if they persist through the raid, they diminish the person’s performance while they try to answer you. Instead address your issue after raid through an in-game mail, and it will be addressed at a later time.
  6. Discord should be used for raid strategy talk only while engaging bosses and mobs. Please hold friendly chatter for breaks and down time.
  7. We expect all raiders to be using Deadly Boss Mods and have it updated to most current version before raids.
  8. Please DO NOT spam results from addons like Details or Skada in Raid Chat, Guild Chat or any other chat. Please do not discuss anyone’s figures in Discord, unless you’re an Elder or a Raid Leader in a private Discord room trying to come up with a strategy or a solution to the raid in progress.
  9. Remember to link loot drops that you don't need in raid chat in the chance it is an upgrade for a fellow party member.
  10. Please be a team player. We don’t care for “one-man-army” attitudes. Clearing raids is a team effort and you need to be willing to do whatever it takes to clear it, for example; switching to another spec for a specific boss encounter or bowing out if needed for progression.