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At We Talk a Good Game, we hope to make the game world a bit more accessible and enjoyable for all ages by offering reviews, tips, and gameplay tutorials via written and video formats. We welcome your input; please feel free to visit our contact page.

David- Founder, host, and reviewer

I enjoy every form of gaming available to me: Board, Miniature, Card, Role Playing, and yes even Computer and Console games. You name it I play it!

I moved from Chicago, where I found gamers around every corner, to the Cincinnati area where I have found gamers to be a bit more sparse and spread out. I accepted the challenge and managed to find gamers, but am always on the look out for more bodies to expand my gamer groups.

I am the Program Chair for the Web and Multimedia Design Department at my local college and the advisor for the college's gaming club!

Some of my interests outside of gaming: Family, Scuba, TV/Movies, Technology, Dance, and Literature.

I am more often than not the Dungeon Master (Game Master) and run Dungeons & Dragons 5.0, Pathfinder, and Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay.

(Visit my current campaign)

Many of my roleplaying articles and images focus on my Dungeons & Dragons campaigns. I truly hope you enjoy and benefit from my posts.

Sample of Voice Acting I'm most proud of, lols:
Cluck Trap

Joel- Core reviewer

I LOOOOOVE computer games! X-box games are my next favorite. Some of my favorite computer and console games are; Skyrim, Fallout, Destiny, and Minecraft.

I love playing online with all my friends. I find many computer and console games boring if you aren't playing with your friends.

I also love karate, swimming, and hiking mountain trails.


I plan to have my D&D 5E campaign, The Hoarfrost Invasion, Kickstarted by end of 2018. I will be running three 5 hour preview sessions at Gen Con 2018, so look me up if you attend! I am currently running the sixth and final group through the year plus long playtesting session.

Our Contributors


This is fantastic: just what I needed as I have just bought this and needed to see the combat sequences played through so I am not too slow the first time I GM. Well done; a really clear and crisp explanation.

- Sticky Man

Thanks for the Tutorial I posted this on our gamers page on face book, and suggested everyone watch it.

- Vernal Gamers Guild

Just read your Tactile Loot Article, WOW that sounds like alot of work but alot of fun as well. I'm going to try it but I think I'll start small, lol.

- Mark